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Jonah: Taking Part in God’s Big Story.

The book of Jonah tells one of the most famous stories found in the Bible. In this book, we find a disobedient prophet named Jonah who gets a message from God. Jonah tries to run away from God by boarding a ship bound for a distant city, gets thrown overboard by the other sailors, then he’s swallowed by a huge fish who ends up vomiting him onto dry land to continue his journey. This is a short book that is full of action!

there is so much more to uncover in the book of Jonah.

Jonah’s journey with God, we are invited to discover a much bigger story- the
story of God’s love and mercy- and that God wants each of us to play a part in
his amazing plans to restore the whole world. Like a puzzle where every piece
is unique and important to create a wonderful picture, we each have an exciting
part to play in God’s big story which he wants us to explore and enjoy with

By looking to Jesus and following him each day, we can take part in God’s big story. This is a story that God lovingly invites us to be a part of, moment by moment, as we walk with him in our lives. So let’s dive into the book of Jonah, keeping an open ear for all that God would like to reveal to each one of us.

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