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Praying for Schools

Praying for Schools

We would love to see Christians come together across denominations to pray for their local schools.

We believe that when Christians pray regularly and earnestly for the work of God’s Spirit in their local school that Christ’s kingdom will come.

Wouldn’t it be great if people everywhere were praying for the witness of Christian teachers, for the faith and witness of Christian students, for the wide needs of the school community (staff, leaders, P&C etc), and for the Christian ministries that take place in the school (e.g. Scripture, SUPA Club/ISCF, chaplaincy, breakfast clubs etc)?

Would you consider forming or joining a prayer group to meet and pray for your local schools?

The Group: Your group may first meet as a “one off”. If you are keen for the group to have a lasting impact, seek out someone to coordinate regular meetings and gather others together to pray. A wide group of people including teachers, Scripture teachers, local pastors and parents could all be involved. If a student is interested in being involved, you will need to encourage them to attend with a parent/guardian. If that is not possible, make sure you follow the child protection guidelines or policy affirmed by the student’s church, especially if you are meeting on-line.

The Practicalities: If you’re keen to lead a prayer group around your local school, here are some ideas for a successful prayer group:

  • raising the possibility with other local people you think might be interested
  • developing a distribution list/spreadsheet of people who are keen to be involved
  • finding a suitable venue for the meetings (eg. someone’s home, a local church)
  • arranging a regular meeting (eg. once a term) and inviting people to come
  • gathering prayer points ahead of each meeting (eg. from Scripture teachers, SUPA Club/ISCF leaders, others involved in the school)
  • considering whether and how you might let the school know you are praying for them, and asking what things they might like you to be aware of as you pray If you choose to run a prayer group, please contact the SUNSW Schools team so that we can support and pray for you.

SU Pray

SU Pray is a regular monthly gathering of anyone wanting to connect and pray about SU ministries as well as support one another in global, community and personal prayer. All are welcome to join us!

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